My manager, Bill, recommend the biplane ride over Philly saying that it was a really unique experience.  As soon as I saw the Cannibal Queen I knew why he insisted that I go for a ride.  This biplane is one of a kind and the trip made for a great afternoon! 
Jeremy, Blue Bell
We had a great time in your beautiful yellow biplane, thanks again for a fun and very exciting adventure!
The McGreggor Family Northeast Philadelphia Philadelphia
This looks like a lot of fun, but I have a few questions. Can I buy a gift certificate of two tickets as a wedding present for my son and his fiancée?  I would like it to be a surprise if possible, and it would be even more special if they could both go up together on one flight.  Please let me know how I can place an order.
Evelyn Grace, Doylestown
I got a half hour tour over the Jersey shore as a birthday gift from my family.  The best part was seeing Island Beach State Park and the Barnegat lighthouse from a birds eye view.  I’ll be hinting for the Philadelphia tour when my birthday comes back around next year!
Nick Princeton NJ New Jersey

Best wedding present ever! 
Josh and Anna, Willow Grove

My best friend went for the biplane tour over the New Jersey beach as a Mother’s Day gift from her kids and afterward she just wouldn’t stop talking about how thrilling it was to be in the open cockpit and how she felt like she was in a WWII movie.  My son loves anything having to do with combat airplane from the WWII era so I thought a ride in your biplane would be a nice surprise.  Well, he absolutely loved it! The pilot was very nice and answered all his questions about airplanes and how they fly. 
Maria, Lansdale Pa New Jersey
Thanks for putting the photo of us in front of the airplane up on the website.  We’re going to use it for the cover of our holiday cards! 
The Santonelli’s, Montgomeryville
I had a lovely ride in your biplane. It was really something to be able to look out over the side and see the shore and all the beach homes on LBI. Seeing the umbrellas on the beach made me remember all the fun summers I spent at the Jersey shore when I was a kid.  Thank you for the nostalgic experience. 
Margaret, Carneys Point
Yesterday was awesome!  I couldn’t stop talking about how cool it was to fly in an old WWI biplane.  Now my friends are jealous but they are just going to have to go for a ride themselves!
 Steve Levittown Philadelphia
How do I order a ticket for the one hour biplane ride over the beach, and can I bring my video camera up with me?  It’s very small and lightweight.  I read some reviews online that this is the thing to do on vacation at the Jersey shore             Habiba, Bethesda, Maryland

Hello, my name is Mark and I had the pleasure of going on the 90 minute bi-pane ride.  I’m a very serious Philly fan and it was invigorating to fly over this great city.  This was definitely one of the best day trips Philly has to offer. Go Phillies! 
Mark, Allentown
I just wanted to say a quick thanks to the crew at Biplane Rides Over Philadelphia for a totally fun and wild adventure up in the Cannibal Queen.  This is by far the most unique biplane ride anyone could ask for, and that is coming from a aviation enthusiast!
Marissa, Conshohocken
We tried out the open air bi-plane ride last August on our vacation at the Jersey Shore and it was absolutely one of the best highlights of the trip.  My wife’s loves LBI and was thrilled to fly around Old Barney.  I highly recommend the beach ride for your next vacation. 
John Ralley, Chester County
What an experience! Thanks to everyone who makes the Biplane Rides Over Philadelphia possible. Your doing a great job!
Wendy, Chestnut Hill Philadelphia
Thanks for the fantastic bi-plane ride. I can assure you I will be back soon for a longer tour.
Arthur, Lawrenceville
The Cannibal Queen™ is a delightfully unique WWII biplane.  I went for a ride last April and then stumbled upon Steve Coonts’ novel looking at pictures of the airplane on your website.  Reading it has only made me long for another trip.  What an adventure it must have been for him to tour the country in this spectacular biplane.
Andy Hopkis, Point Pleasant

The pictures came out really great! Thanks again,
Mr. and Mrs. Cirelli, New York
We had the pleasure of an hour tour in the yellow biplane. The Cannibal Queen™ is a beautifully restored aviation legend from the WWII era.  It is a wonderful thing that anyone can purchase a ticket and experience the thrill of an open-cockpit ride and feel like a part of history.  We will most certainly be recommending this airplane adventure to our friends.
 Janet and Charles, Willow Grove Philadelphia
We flew over my house
Tim, Toms River New Jersey
Jim Lonergan is a dedicated, capable pilot and a very likeable guy.  He answered all of our questions and addressed every concern, was patient and pleasant throughout the whole day.  We had an enjoyable experience in that marvelous yellow biplane. 
Franny Mae, New Hope
That was a really neat trip!  The takeoff was so exciting with the wind in your face and the propeller whizzing in circles at the front of the biplane.  I was a pilot in the Great War!  Best present ever.  
Clarence, Philadelphia
I saw the ad for Biplane Rides Over Philadelphia in the newspaper and I’m thinking this would make a very special gift for my youngest nephew’s Bar Mitzvah.  He is just obsessed with any thing that can fly.  Although, I don’t think he has ever before been in a biplane (or private airplane for that matter).  Is there an age limit or minimum height requirement for the ride?                                                                                                                 
Barbara, Narberth                   
Thanks to Biplane Rides Over NJ Beaches for the trip of a lifetime.  Before I had only ever flown in a commercial jet but this ride was way more fun than that!  I can’t even put into words how thrilling it is to be in the open air.  I’m looking forward to trying the Philly tour on my next summer vacation.
Tony, Little Egg Harbor
I went on the ninety minute ride over Philadelphia and the surrounding countryside and boy, was that cool.  When you are in the biplane you feel as If you are part of the landscape, you can feel the speed and acceleration of the airplane against your body but it isn’t scary at all because you are strapped in tight!  Driving to the hangar in northeast Philly I thought I would be nervous to fly in the biplane, but then when I was up in the air I never wanted to land!   
Shelby, Berks County
My only regret is not taking more pictures, looks like I’ll just have to go for another ride on the biplane.
Sandy, LBI
Our son-in-law always talks about someday getting his pilot license so for his birthday my wife and I got him a gift certificate for the 30 minute bi-plane ride over Philly.  He was absolutely thrilled with the adventure and is currently researching pilot training schools to enroll for classes. I think spending the afternoon in flight with Jim, who is very passionate about flying, gave my son-in-law that extra nudge he needed to follow up on an almost forgotten aspiration from long ago.  Can Jim or someone from Biplane Rides Over Philadelphia recommend a quality flight school?  Thanks again,
Laura Meyers, Bethlehem
We had an exciting day, looking down on Bucks County from the open cockpit of your biplane.  This was a unique experience we will never forget!                                                                                                                             
Mr. and Mrs. Farley, Philadelphia
We were looking for something fun to do that was different on our yearly Jersey Shore vacation.  The kids are old enough to entertain themselves, so my husband and I snuck off for a bi-plane ride over the beach and we had so much fun!  There was so much to see, the colorful boats, the natural shoreline, the sun setting on the horizon, everything was so beautiful.  We will be coming back for another ride next year.
 Sue, Doylestown
I’m going to make everyone I know go for a bi-plane ride in the Queen.  It is just one trip you cannot pass up. 
 Rhonda, Oak Lane
I’m really glad we decided to take a day trip to Tom’s River to ride on the Cannibal Queen.  She is an exquisite example of a restored WWII biplane.  The weather was clear and warm, just perfect to ride over to the Jersey shore and up and down Long Beach Island.  I haven’t had been on a better thrill ride in years! 
Tabitha and Frank Geralds, Wayne
Thank you for the unique experience of an open bi-plane trip over Philadelphia.  It was different to see the city so clearly and so close up.  I am interested to try the Jersey tour; I have heard many good things.                                            
Joe, Southampton
I have been fortunate to ride in a few small jets and even one helicopter a few years ago, but the Cannibal Queen was my first bi-plane experience.  I am amazed at how different it is to ride with the wind against your face and to be in front of the pilot, not behind!  This was the most wholly captivating airplane ride I have been on to this day. 
Mike Horvak, Chester County Philadelphia
My staff bought me an hour ride in your bi-plane as a retirement gift.  They know how much I enjoy going to air shows to see vintage.  I was pleased how all the original gages and dials were preserved.  It was really a wonderful present and I will never forget the thrilling sensation of taking off and heading into the empty blue sky in the open cock-pit.  Thanks!
Donald Pemont, Germantown
This was the best birthday present I got in years.  I was a little nervous to go up in a small biplane, but soon forgot about all that.  When I saw the Cannibal Queen all I wanted to do was takeoff as soon as possible!
 James, Trenton
We went up for a bi-pane ride this last past Memorial Day weekend.  It was interesting to experience a restored WWII combat airplane first hand on the holiday designated for remembering the bravery of all the young men who risked and lost their lives for our freedom and way of life. It really makes one proud of not just the soldiers but the engineers and mechanics who designed the first biplanes that helped us find victory. 
 John, Cherry Hill
We had a great ride in your bi-plane, Jim. Thanks for the awesome experience!
Lydia and Tom, Chester County

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